Frequently Asked Questions

Painting Related

You can paint details in darker colors on top of lighter colors... First put on 3 coats of light color then paint details on top 2 coats of the darker color.

Stenciled black lines will be visible after firing. You don’t need to

outline the shape after you finish painting.

No, you don't need to paint the background to make it shiny. We apply clear glaze on your underglaze product to make it shiny and fire it. However if you like to paint your product with an other color than its own, you should paint it. Otherwise it is going to be creamy white.

You can use a kitchen sponge to paint the background or for the

edge if you like.


Yes, after 5 colors, 75 cent per color.

Two brushes will be provided.


You should take a photo of it and send it to us, then we will

replace it with a new one.

Yes, you must write your full name under your product with paint, so we can verify that its your product.